How do professionals clean drains?

What takes place during a drain cleaning performed by a professional

People frequently think of pouring chemicals down a drain when they imagine “drain cleaning.” However, this is not the method that is used by professionals to clean drains. Since these caustic chemicals have the potential to harm plumbing, specialists will take every precaution to ensure that your drainpipes remain in the finest condition possible. After all, what is the purpose of cleaning drains if the condition of the drains is really worse after the cleaning?

A motorized drain auger, also known as a drain snake, is a tool used by professional plumbers to clean drains. This tool can clear almost any kind of obstruction from within a drainpipe, regardless of its size. If you hire a professional plumber to unclog your drains, you can expect them to use this tool. When cleaning drains, it’s common practice to begin by using a drain auger to clear away any basic obstructions.

Video pipe inspections are frequently used by plumbers to decide the most effective method for approaching the drain cleaning procedure. This allows for a more comprehensive cleaning to be performed. The pictures captured by these cameras, which are attached on fiber optic cables and descend down via the drainpipes, are shown on a monitor, giving the plumber a comprehensive view of the pipe’s inside. The plumber is able to zero in on certain areas that need to be cleaned and evaluate the appropriate level of cleanliness. See next post

The hydro-jetter is a strong plumbing equipment that utilizes motors to place water under extremely high pressure, and then blasts it out via a nozzle at the end of a hose that is pushed down into the drainpipes. This is the primary tool that is often used for cleaning drains. The pressure of the water, which is often greater than 7,000 pounds per square inch, scour the interior of the pipes and eliminate practically all forms of deposit. Because of how completely the pipes are cleaned by this method, it is far more difficult for buildup to begin again. After a competent hydro-jetting treatment, the drains will maintain their cleanliness for an extended period of time.

After hydro-jetting, the plumber can decide to perform video pipe inspections once again to check and verify if the work accomplished what needed to be done. You will be provided with a flash drive that has the footage from the inspections on it so that you can see what was done. The plumber will do this for you.

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