South Bay Salt Works

The South Bay Salt Works is a salt plant that can be found in the southern part of San Diego. It can be found at 1470 Bay Blvd., Chula Vista, California 91911, United States, in the South Bay district of San Diego County, California. Read about Otay Ranch Town Center here

It started out under the name La Punta Salt Works and has been working continuously since at least 1871. For a while, it was the only source of salt for Southern California. In 1902, it was acquired and renamed the Western Salt Company. Subsequently, narrow-gauge rail was erected on the property. Throughout the remainder of the 20th century, it remained California’s second-largest producer of salt. In 1999, the area was acquired by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, and in 2002, it was handed over to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The company has been using its current name since the year 2000 and has maintained its salt collecting operations.

The water used in the evaporation process originates from the Pacific Ocean, and since the salt works were established, they have produced more than one million tons of salt. Migrating birds, some of which are endangered or threatened, use the salt ponds as a resting place throughout their journey. The transformation of two of the plants’ salt ponds into marshlands took place in 2011. Read about this website here


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