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What is the average price for unclogging a drain?

The national average for clearing a blocked drain is between $150 and $202. A plumber may fix a clogged drain for as little as $56 and as much as $575. Depending on the nature of the blockage and the extent of the plumbing work required, the final price tag might be much higher. Aside from that, certain plumbing services may charge a fixed amount, usually between $50 and $150, to come out and assess the situation, which may or may not include the first hour of labor.

Expenses incurred due to clogged drains:

At a price of $185 on average across the country
Prices typically fall between $150 and $202
Budget: $56-$75
Spending $450–$575 is considered upscale.

Many plumbers charge by the hour to unclog a drain, but others have set fees for routine tasks like drain cleaning. The cost to unclog a plumbing fixture will vary with its kind and with how difficult it is to reach. Next Article

Every homeowner dreads the day their toilet stops working or their sink stops draining for no apparent reason. See how much it will cost to have a plumber unclog your drain before you make an emergency call. Find out more here

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