Why are Plumbers so hard to find?

The plumbing industry is not one of the fastest growing ones. It’s a fact that very few children ever express an interest in plumbing as a career.

Since the plumbing sector is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled workers, the demand for plumbers is quite strong. This is because a large proportion of working plumbers are reaching retirement age, and fewer people are enrolling in vocational training programs to take their place. Although plumbing is commonly seen as a filthy profession, there is another aspect to it that few people know about. Nobody ever considers the benefits of plumbing, yet they are there. Heavy interest. Nowadays, it’s very unusual to come across a plumber who is unemployed. There is a consistent need for people with this skill set. Since people still need to have their pipes fixed by a professional, even during economic downturns and tough times, plumbers will always be in demand.


Avoiding student loan payments is an additional financial bonus. While many of your peers are investing in further education and pursuing career advancement in the hopes of one day earning six figures, you can start making money in the plumbing industry right away. Although university is a wonderful experience, it may be costly. In 2018, the national average for student loan debt is $39.4 thousand. If you want to get out into the workforce and start making money without taking on too much student loan debt, plumbing is a viable career choice.

monetary benefit

It’s a great way to immediately increase your employability and your income potential. As soon as you sign on as an apprentice, you’ll go to work learning the ropes (and making money). To begin, you will serve as a Plumber’s helper, a position that typically pays between $11 and $13 per hour, depending on experience. This is where you get your feet wet on the job and learn from seasoned pros. Once you’ve earned your certification as a craftsman, you may expect an hourly wage of $18 to $20. Obtaining a journeyman’s certificate is the next rung on the career ladder. You may make $25-$40 per hour working as a journeyman.


Plumbers are involved in a wide range of industries (despite public perception). Sewage and drains are only the beginning of what plumbers deal with. You can help others and make a difference in the world by becoming a plumber. In addition to working in people’s homes and on construction sites, we also deal with nitrous gas in the medical profession. We fix people’s garbage disposals, bring plumbing up to code, set up new water heaters, work in new construction, and are experienced with unusual pipe systems. We have an effect on people’s safety, too, by reducing their exposure to carbon monoxide.

Although we plumbers may not make a lot of money, our efforts make a difference for the individuals who rely on us. Therefore, please get in contact with us if you or someone you know is qualified for this position. We’re eager to help you launch your venture. You can start making a difference in the world and in your bank account with the plumbing profession, and we’ll get you set up for success at Quarter Moon. Next Article

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